The sister behind the blog

The confusion of disbelief can be blinding. The covering of the souls natural fitrah torture. The unearthly silence makes you scream. In the past I felt lost, incredibly lost unto the world. I did not know my place and could not fathom where my niche was.

When Allah removed the duniya from my path and gave me eyes to see I cried out unto Allah to guide me.Guide me to that which would please Allah.

Allah blessed me with being able to see the truth and the natural way of life. That is to follow in the footsteps of the Prophet Muhammad SWS and try my best to submit totally in my entirety to Allah.

I took my shahadah and embraced Islam on September 2nd 2005 in the presence of some blessed shuyukh. The weight of the Duniya, the tolls of confusion were lifted from my shoulders. Peace entered my heart and I have never looked back.

InshaAllah I pray this blog helps shed some light on my journey. The one I made to realise the truth, and the very same one I continue to make. To know more about my Lord through Islam, trying to please Allah as best as I can.

As believers we are but travellers through this life. The duniya being one of the stop off points to the final hour, where we will all meet our Lord and enter into the akhira, either the paradise or the eternal burning flames.

Walaykum as salaam

A sister in Islam

Trying to make it back to the ancestory homeland


One Response to “The sister behind the blog”

  1. Assalamu alaikum,
    Lovely blog, mashaAllah… i will be back!

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