Stepping out of the cage

Salaam alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu,

When I took my shahadah I thought I had accepted Islam. Over the next few months I came up against barriers to my practicing Islam. I thought I had realised all of them, identified them, sorted them out or at least worked to live with them. I grew comfortable with the cage I was living in.

Once university finished I got upgraded to a slightly bigger cage. I became so impressed by the size of that cage that I forgot I was still in a cage. The extra small amount of space I was given tasted so good I became blind to the fact that I could live life without a cage. That as a muslimah I could actually step outside my cage, spread my wings and fly…..

Approximately three months ago I was able to break my slightly bigger cage. I was given the freedom to fly with the other birds. Yet up to this point I have stuttered to open up my wings and fly with the other birds.

Life in a cage was all I had ever known. It was all I knew from birth. An animal born in captivity would never know what it would be like to run wild. To be with all the other animals in the wild. It knows the limits set out by the cage. It knows the floor, the walls and the ceiling. Yet in the wild there are no walls and there is certainly no ceiling.

Some argue that animals born in captivity will never be able to be released into the wild. Simply because they have lost the ability to live in the wild or that they never learnt it in the first place.

Yet look at these beasts in the cages. Why is the cage there??? What purpose does the cage have? The purpose of the cage is to protect whatever is on the outside of the cage usually from what is inside. Despite this animal being born into captivity, raised in captivity it is still caged. It is still wild. We still need to be protected from it….

This animal still has instincts, wild instincts. It just needs to find them. Within it’s DNA, within the soul of it’s body it can become wild again. It can do as it’s creator has created it to do.

Likewise I may have been born in a cage, and raised in one. But somewhere deep down inside is the natural born fitrah. I just need to embrace it.

I deceived myself into thinking that I had embraced all there was to becoming a muslim. But I was completely wrong. I have been blessed to have seen the truth. I just need to find myself. Find my wild instincts that will help me become the muslimah that Allah has truly ordained for me to become.


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