Re-adjusting the bearings

A few months back my predicted destination and my direction were set. Now they are completely different.

The scenery has now changed. The amount of bumps on the journey has changed in size and frequency.

My entire mode of transport has completely changed.

The magic carpet I was traveling had to be upgraded to take on another person. In fact a whole series of people.

The journey I now am undertaking looks, feels, sounds, smells and tastes completely different. There seems to be little left of the remanants of the journey I was taking on before.

I feel myself feeling uneasy on the new journey I am undertaking as it is unknown to me. I thought I had it all sorted. Even when I decided to take the detour and choose a different provider for my travel I thought I knew what I was doing. I thought I knew exactly what would happen. However whatever it was I had imagined this new journey to be like, I completely underestimated in every way, sort, shape and form.

Life is something I now have come to realise you can never suss out. Even once you think you have sussed it out in one way or another it completely changes and mutates on you. This itself turns into a trial.

When I decided to change my provider, my destination and the company I would keep on the journey I thought the trials would end. I was blind to the fact that changing my provider, my destination and the company I would keep on the journey would become a trial in of itself.

Trials come in all shapes and forms. So does life. Expect a few different shapes along the way. The first step to success is realising and identifying what trials are out there to be resolved and encountered. This post is proving to loose it fluency but yes, dont become used to the size of the trials being thrown at you. You may become blind and stumble on one like I have.



2 Responses to “Re-adjusting the bearings”

  1. Wa alaykum as salaam wa Rahmat Allah wa Barakatuh.

    With every good thing comes trial. That is the beauty of Allah’s Mercy…that when He sends us something new in our life, He mixes wonderful things with tests…to increase our growth, our rewards, and erase our sins. As long as you understand that every trial is a blessing and it is ALL GOOD, then insha’Allah those trials – big and small – will just be navigational blips on the map of life.

    I was amazed at how many trials I have faced since marrying. However, each time I face a huge one I remember that I was clearly guided to this marriage and Allah Willed it for me so I could become closer to Him and better as a person. Seven years later, I’m grateful for every one…because it has brought me so much further. Trials are big ladders…taking us closer and closer to Jennah and teaching us how to do our best in situations for the pleasure of Allah. Everything done for the pleasure of Allah brings about the pleasure of ourselves and those kindred spirits around us.

    I did a workshop on how to face hardships, and a hadith I related said (not verbatim) that the stronger the believer, the bigger the trials as Allah wants them to reach him without any account. It is a barometer of your heart, so the more trials the more clean and beautiful your heart insha’Allah. It’s all good.

    • Jazakillah for the comment Mai,

      I remember the hadith you are refering to. Indeed those loved by Allah are tested the most. Our beloved Prophet sallaAllahu alayhi wa sallam is the most beloved to Allah and he was the most tested. The amount of trials he had to endure are witness to the love Allah has for him.

      With every cloud comes rain which may make you wet . With every trial may come hardship. But that rain or that hardship waters the land cleansing it and the most beautiful fruits come from it. This is the silver lining that comes with the cloud. Allah is indeed the most Wise.

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