Flight of faith

Salaam alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu,

When a bird is born it is limited to the nest til it grows it’s flight feathers that would enable it to fly. Beforehand it would of never have used these feathers at all. It will stare out of the nest in longing to be with the other birds. It may flap it’s wings a little but the feathers will never be able to take the weight. Now it has been given the feathers to fly, to be with the other birds but it hesitates.

It hesitates because it knows only the nest. It doesnt know if it can fly despite the wings. It doesnt know if the wings will take the weight. The only thing to do is to take a step,spread it’s wings and fly.

Likewise when we are given the wings of flight we need to take the step,spread our wings and fly. Whether we fall or fly is up to the mercy of Allah. This remains a reminder to myself first and foremost.


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