All at once

Salaam alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu,

The past few posts have been written within a space of hours and the next few will do too. It is the thoughts going on presently in my head. They vary wildly in emotion. Some are happy, others not so. By writing down all these thoughts I hope to somehow organise the chaos that is my mind. I hope to somehow guide myself out of the bermuda triangle I now find myself in. The bermuda triangle that doesnt allow me to refind my bearings. The bermuda triangle that has left me in laa laa land. No mans land. Lost property. What ever it is….

…. I pray that Allah helps me refind my bearings.

O Allah you guided me out of darkness once. You have since done it several times. You have never failed me Allah yet I continue to fail you. I can only hope of your forgiveness and your mercy. O Allah please forgive me for the things I have done, for those things that have upset others and O Allah help those I have hurt to forgive me. O Allah please again guide me out of this fog that is doubt, undecisiveness and feeling lost. If you do not guide me Allah, no one else will guide me. Ya Haq bring me closer to you and put me back on siratul mustaqeem,ameen.

Please make dua for me.


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