Love’s Test

As salaam alaykum,

It is hard to not get caught up in the passing by of the dunya. So much so that we forget why we are ultimately here on this planet. Its not to chase after the dunya and see to the gratification of our desires. We are ultimately here to be tested.

There are two reasons why we may be tested. Firstly to purify ourselves of those sins we may of committed, knowingly, unknowingly, openly or in secret. Both muslims and non-muslims will be tested in relation to this.

Secondly muslims may be tested as a result of having imaan. By testing us not only will we be cleansed of those sins we have committed but in doing so  our statuses will inshaAllah be elevated.

Some of my friends say and I will guess its a general acknowledgment between muslims that Allah tests those He loves. To the general layperson its a strange thought. Why would someone if they love you so much test you, afflict you with hardship, tradegy and trials? Surely if they loved you they would make things easy for you? To explain we must go back to trials and afflictions being a means of purification.

The ultimate purpose of this time in the dunya is to try and attain the ultimate abode in the next life. Jannah.  Now Jannah is a clean and completely pure place and as such will only accept pure things. But the dunya, in the dunya everything in this world has been tainted, contaminated and made dirty. So where does this leave us? You dont want to leave a piece of rubbish in a beautifully kept garden. Or place something filthy into a container of the finest drinking water.

Trials, afflictions, hardships, sacrifices, tragedies, disasters, tribulations, you name it are all used in trying to purify ourselves. Why? Because for those Allah loves Allah wants the best for them. Allah wishes to give them the best of abodes in the eternal life. Allah wants to give them Jannah but they must be purified.

This purification is a sign of Allah’s love for us. Of Allah wanting to give us the best. As there is no other way to enter Jannah.

I only hope that at the end of the day I am tested by Allah as a result of my imaan, because Allah loves me and wants to give me Jannah, rather than as just deserts for sins I have committed.


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