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The Crow and the Eagle

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“Anwaar-e-Suhaili is a well known Persian book. In it has been narrated a very thought provoking story:

Once a man saw a crow whose wings were cut. He thought, “poor thing, how is it going to survive? From where shall it get its food?” Hardly a moment had passed when that person spotted an eagle carrying some prey in its beak. The eagle came closer, landed and fed the crow.

On seeing this the man thought “ This is how Allah provides for His creatures, so why should I worry about earning a living. Allah will provide for me.” So he sat down and remained idle. Some days passed but yet the person did not get anything. One wise man said to him “ O servant of Allah, you were shown two birds, one injured crow and an eagle. Why did you prefer to become like the crow? Why did you not think about becoming like the eagle who not only eats himself but also feeds others who are in need?

This story  illustrates very well the real nature of ‘Tawakkul’. IF anyone has yet means of livelihood at his disposal, then he should not give up those means. His case is a like that of the eagle. He should not only fulfil his own needs but also look after others. ”
Taken from “the World Within” by Mufti Muhammad Shafi (late grand mufti of Pakistan)


So Strong by Zain Bhikha

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A movement, falling to the Earth.

Moving down, the descending heart beats faster,

The surge, flow of blood to the head overwhelms.

To cope, the breathing deepens and slows.

First breath, smell of floor fills the nostrils.

Eyes open, seeing becomes limited to the mind.

Thud thud, in a moment the hearing returns.

Palms down, supporting the body weight.

Feeling pressure, the knees and forehead accompany.

Complete surrender, of the heart, mind and limbs

Its My Duty To Speak Out

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I saw this and thought it really brought to light what implications war has.And here it is. Told as it was.