Cut Up

During the weekend I took the tube like any normal londoner. It was saturday and unsurprisingly rush hour. The carriages were packed, not as bad as weekdays yet everyone was in a mad rush. A mad rush to get off before they got pushed back by the mad mob waiting to get on the same carriage.

Trying to be courteous I let the lady who was waiting before me get on the train first. In the process I was nearly cut up from behind by a nun who seemed to be in that same mad rush. I must say I was rather amused. Anyone who knows me for a long time knows I have a slight fascination of them. But a nun? Desperate to get on a central line carriage?

Am I being too inquisitive here? But I thought that nuns in particular gave up their worldy possessions and way of life to devote themselves to their God? Therefore what was her rush? I know we are all human but those so strong in their faith must have good character of some sorts.

I can understand some muslimahs and I firstly point to myself who forget to uphold such adab like that of the Prophet SWS. We have to maintain a balance between the duniya and our ibadah. InshaAllah our ibadah being heavier than our dealings with the duniya. But sometimes we get caught up by it all and do rash things. Like trying to jump onto trains before they’ve even come into the platform. However if you are able to devote yourself entirely where is the excuse? Perhaps christianity doesnt place such an emphasis on good character as Islam does?

The Prophet SWS was described by Aishah Umm Al Muminīn RA as a walking embodiment of the Quran. His character was renown throughout the arab peninsula before he was even blessed with Prophethood. And when he was blessed with the revelation, his character shone furthermore in his actions and decisions.

The ahadeeth relating to his character must run in its thousands. Al Adab al Mufrad being just one of the hadith books dedicated to such ahadeeth. The following are just a couple of examples.

The Prophet, SWS said: “Among the best of the believers in faith are the best of them in conduct, and the kindest to their families.”

Jabir Ibn Abdullah, radhiallahu anhu, narrated that the Prophet, said:
“The most beloved of you and the closest of you to me on the Day of Resurrection are the best of you in conduct. Surely, the most unbecoming of you to me on the Day of Resurrection are the talkative, the boastful, and the mutafayhiqun’
The Companions asked, ‘We know the talkative and the boastful, who are the mutafayhiqun?’ The Messenger of Allah replied, ‘The arrogant.'”

In a world where we are so eager to instill our own ideas and ideologies where does this leave the ummah. No doubt in pieces, cut up, arguing!

Over the past couple of weeks the universities have started holding talks. I have also started to attend the City Circle talks which bring in a variety of speakers. The underlying message of all the talks I have been to is “to let be”. A couple of weeks ago a speaker called Abu Muntasir (one of the founders of JIMAS) gave a talk ” The Hypocrisy in Our Zeal”. I was left alongside a couple of friends a little speechless at what he said which was very true.

There is a great deal of revival in people and indeed movements saying practice the Quran and Sunnah. You must practice it as much as possible. But the one point that Abu Muntasir illustrated was that although we are so keen to follow the actions of the Prophet SWS we overlook the character of the Prophet SWS.

How many people that you have come across that say such things like”quran and sunnah!”and yet do not have such adab. In most cases they have zeal as is rightly said of most of those who discover the deen, whether new to it or born muslim starting to practice. Yet are so hot headed to make takfir, claim this is biddah, that is haram they cut up people and put people off.

Abu Muntasir used the opportunity and openly apologised for being such a person back in the early days of the salafi movement. That with age people tend to mellow out and now he sees some of the actions resulting from his own. That one also gains wisdom alongside the knowledge. The knowledge that wasnt first present.

Our hypocrisy lies in firstly and foremost not looking for the hypocrisy in ourselves. It shouldnt be first in the muslim walking down the street in front of you but yourself. Because only with change in ourselves can we bring changes in others.Anyone who has come across the phrase Jihadul Nafs will understand.

The Prophet SWS didnt bring so many people to Islam through rash thinking and harsh rational. People came to Islam because of the awe and love they felt for him when they met him. The Prophet SWS’s character was so immaculate that not even his enemies could find fault with him.

Our zeal, our ignorance blinds us to think that if we keep on at certain people they will change. Whether it be in the fiqh that you think is so wrong or the aqeedah. But in all honesty it wont. Allah is the only one that has power to do such things. Its true you may be the means but there is no garantee. Hence the “let it be”, as when Allah decrees, it will happen. And inshaAllah because of your good character and conduct that person will be attracted to you.

Therefore before looking at the character of that nun I should look at the character of myself. Instead of perhaps trying to get on the train before her I should of let her on aswell with that lady? She was in more of a rush than I was by the looks of it.

May Allah give us the adab we need to be close to the Prophet SWS on the day of Judgment.



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