Lost is a word that cannot be described,
How with the dunya the heart can be bribed.
Youre told worldy pleasures can do you no harm,
Its the only way to satisfy your heart and make it so, so calm.

You work to buy and work to buy some more,
Will it keep your heart content forever, for sure?
Time passes by as you constantly strive for the best,
Always seeking to be topdog, on top of the rest.

Lost is a word that cannot be described,
Surely throughout my life my people, my own family have not lied,
Surely not in everything I could ever believe?
My mind is so confused and for miles I cannot see.

Consumerism is the way, screaming everything they say,
Go out, get a job, get money, dont delay.
They chant and chant, trying to make their ownselves believe,
But what will it do from once this world I leave?

Lost is a word that cannot be described,
Living the life chasing after this world, indeed I have tried.
In this shallow mentality have I barely survived.
I thank whoever it is my heart has not truly died.

Now I have come to a point,tell me what path should I seek,
One that will increase and strengthen my poor heartbeat.
Surely I can use my rational, my intellect, my mind,
To help me along the path I so desperately need to find.

Islam is a word that can be described,
It is a word I now hold dear,in my life I have testified.
The gift it holds of contentment in my heart and mind,
The one only thing that in sense I truly find.

The shahadah, the uttered words upon my breath,
Has given sadness, loneliness and feeling lost their due death.
The worldy things in life are no longer of any concern,
Allah is the only one, and to Him is the return


One Response to “Lost”

  1. Assalamaulykum …

    MashAllah very very beautiful and true..

    i mail to fwd it all muslims i know…i hope u dont mind.,..

    may Allah reward you..ameen

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