The beginning of the writings

As salaam alaykum,

well I had a blog which now seems to be suspended. Only Allah knows why.It could be because of a creative extracurricular activity(comic strips to entertain my ISOC sisters). Allahu Alim.

People may come across this. Yes its a blog by a muslim revert.My life has had many ups and downs over the past 4 years. But Allah has made it such that I am now a better person. And through that I wish to convey my gratitude by inshaAllah being a pious muslimah. A servant to Allah.

So if you do indeed come across this please bookmark it. I intend on pouring my thoughts. I also intend on somehow getting my old blog up and will merge the two somehow or rearrange them. I have yet to make up my mind but Im not letting my labbaykhAllah domain go to anyone :P.

Jazakillah and stay tuned.

Keep your heart,eyes and ears open for the truth where ever you may find it.

Ma Salaama

Khadija bint Bradley


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